What is Affiliate Marketing?

You must have seen advertisements promising you a job which allows you to work from home easily drawing a four-figure income? Do you think that’s too good to be true?

Well, let me tell you that it really exists. These frequently advertised work-from-home jobs are usually one that revolves around affiliate marketing. So what affiliate marketing really is?

Affiliate marketing is basically a business model which allows you to earn a commission when someone purchases a product through your recommendation online.

Since this involves promoting products online and you get to earn a cut from it, this makes working-from-home possible. Essentially, you write your own paycheck because what you earn depends on how much you sell!
This means that when you do well at affiliate marketing, you will be earning enough that you can finally leave your job!

How Does an Affiliate Marketing Business Looks Like?

The “shop front” of an affiliate marketing business is entirely online and it usually takes the form of a blog. On such a blog, there will be plenty of content regarding a certain subject and along with those, the blog owner will also recommend other products. If the audience is convinced, they can purchase those products online and the blog owner earns a commission.

Decent affiliate income from Clickbank

Just a screenshot of a relatively good affiliate’s account. This affiliate is doing fine with regular peaks now and then. You can definitely achieve this or even a lot better if you put effort into it.

How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing?

That is what this website is for. To provide you with a simple guide so that you can start your own affiliate marketing business in the shortest time possible.

I will be breaking this guide down into five simple steps which is sufficient for you to begin affiliate marketing. I will then write more in-depth articles about relevant topics related to affiliate marketing or blogging as time goes by or when there is something I feel the need to share. So, here goes!

Step 1: Identify a Niche

Step 2: Find a Product

Step 3: Domain Name & Web Hosting

Step 4: Birth of Your Blog

Step 5: Start Drawing Traffic

After going through this guide, you should have your affiliate marketing business up and running. However, if you’re prepared for more advanced techniques, stay tune to this space and I will be sharing more tips and hacks to help you along with your blogging and affiliate marketing side hustle journey!

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