Start Drawing Traffic!

Step 5: Start Drawing Traffic And Built Your Readership

With your blog all properly set up and you’ve also started blogging and writing about what interests you or you’re passionate about, it’s time to start increasing readership and growing your fanbase! There are a few simple ways to do this.

Forums, Blogs & Communities

Remember that your readers and fans are people who are equally passionate as you are in the same area of interest. With that, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure that you should start participating in forums, blogs and other online communities in which you begin sharing your knowledge and in the midst, let other people know that you have a blog of your own which they can go and learn more.

Do join forums and communities that have relevance to your niche so as to attract interested readers. If your blog is about gardening or floristry, it just doesn’t make sense to be talking about this in fitness communities, does it?

Surf the web and start looking for popular forums and communities in your niche that you can start becoming a part of.

Search Engine Marketing

This involves mostly paid advertising. Many search engines such as Google and Yahoo! have such advertising services which allows you to place simple text-based ads that appears when people search for relevant keywords. Do also consider Facebook’s advertising platform if you have the budget.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is something of a more advanced level but in a nutshell, it is about optimizing your blog in a way that it ranks among the top few when users search for certain keywords on search engines. This usually involves using the same keyword repeatedly throughout your blog or creating as many unique backlinks as possible (means that your site is popular and widely referenced).

I might write an entry dedicated to using my favorite plugin Yoast SEO some day and break down further on how you can use Yoast to help you along with SEO-ing your blog, but that’s for another day!

Meanwhile, let’s not concern yourself too much over SEO because if you’ve been blogging diligently and generating quality content, it will naturally draw organic readers. Search engine optimization is sort of like the next-stage activity to increase readership when you’ve already built a base audience yourself.

And with that, you’re now officially well-trained in the art of affiliate marketing! Do check the blog page for more information or advanced techniques which I will try to share every now and then.

Good luck!

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