Setting Up Your Web Hosting & Domain

Step 3: Domain Name & Web Hosting

In this step, we are looking at the birth of your very own blog, your space in which you become an expert or authority in a particular area and start gaining loyal followers which you promote products to.

But before that, do you already have a name for your blog in mind? If not, give it some proper thoughts because the name will stay with the blog for as long as it exists and it should be catchy and easy to remember.

Once you have an inkling of what your blog will be called, let’s decide on whether you want to have your own domain name or to just have your blog up on a free blogging platform such as WordPress. With your own domain name and web hosting, you can also install and use the WordPress engine for blogging yet have a nicer address such as instead of being stuck with the free WordPress blog address The former definitely looks more professional and easier to remember as well.

Many websites and affiliate marketers use WordPress as their CMS of choice!

WordPress is actually pretty popular with affiliate marketers due to its high customizability. On, you get to register for your free blog with the default WordPress address. Over at, this is where you can get the WordPress engine to be used with your own domain name and web hosting. Most web hosting service should provide a one-click installation function to set up your WordPress-powered blog too.

Another advantage of having WordPress engine installed on your own web hosting

With your own web hosting and WordPress engine installed on it, you will also be able to install your own WordPress plugins which ranges from firewall, anti-virus, auto-commenting tools to even Google Analytics add-ons. More on these plugins in the next chapter.

So if you have decided to get your own domain name and web hosting, here’s a service provider which are I recommend for its user-friendliness and technical support. It’s really good for beginners. Here’s BlueHost.

Recommended Webhosting Provider

If you decide to go with BlueHost, do check out their web hosting plans as well. It’s highly recommended to buy the domain name and web hosting under the same provider for ease of usage and support. This means it will usually already be connected properly and if there’a any issues, their tech support will be able to identify and rectify it without needing to trouble you to contact or provide info from another service provider should you purchase domain and web hosting from different places.

Also, from experience having used them before, their web hosting do come with easy installation of the WordPress blogging engine so once you’re in, install the WordPress engine on your very own web hosting and you’re good to go with that familiar blogging interface.

For your convenience, here’s how to get WordPress up and running on BlueHost.

Setting up WordPress on BlueHost

Ready to start blogging?

Step 4: Birth of Your Blog

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