Running Out Of Ideas For Your Articles? Here’s Something You Might Not Have Heard Of!

You might be working in the niche which you are madly passionate about. But face it, you can have plenty of interests in a topic, subject or activity, yet there will always be times whereby you just have no inspiration or any thing in mind to write about on your authority site. So what do you do now and where do you go from here? Let your site go idle?

Well, that’s not wrong, and if your site already has sufficient content and traffic, go take a short breather and recharge while planning on your content calendar for the next few weeks.

What if your site is pretty new and you still feel like you need to be adding articles? Here’s a tool you might not know, and one which I use now and then as well for my other authority sites. This tool is called PLR articles!

What are PLR articles?

PLR actually stands for Private Label Rights and PLR articles are content created for the purpose of white labeling. This means that you can actually take a PLR article, rebrand it and call it your own, to be posted on your own site as though you wrote it yourself.

However, that’s really not the best way to make use of PLR articles and can even put your site at risk in terms of SEO. This is because PLR articles are usually sold to many people and are no longer unique content. Anyone can repost these PLR articles on their websites and if you do the same, your site will definitely be penalized by search engines and not rank well because your content lack originality and uniqueness.

So what’s the best way to use these PLR then?

PLR articles are a very good source of ideas for you to think about what to write about for your website. Hit a mental block and can’t come up with any topics? Browse through PLR articles collection with content related to your niche and see if you are able to create something similar, or perhaps after looking through, you are suddenly inspired about what to write about next.

PLR articles are also very useful as a base to start work on, rewriting the content, adding more substance, tweaking the structure, turning a generic 500-word piece into a meaty, value-added full blown blog post that your readers will definitely benefit from.

Look for PLR article sources and start collecting them now

There are plenty of PLR article sources online where you can explore and begin collecting relevant articles. Perhaps I will also start helping you guys in the affiliate marketing niche collect quality PLR articles and send them to you as a bonus for being readers of Five To Nine Nation! Will you all be interested?

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