How To Start A Blog: Quick And Easy Steps

If you are already set on starting an affiliate marketing website as your side hustle and you have a domain name and niche in mind, here’s the best post to start from! Let’s rock and roll!

Good choice on choosing to become an affiliate marketer to earn your side income. It’s location independent and all you really need are a laptop and internet connection. Well, perhaps your passion towards creating content for your selected niche.

Now, to start off your affiliate site, you will need to purchase domain and hosting. Self-hosted WordPress websites are definitely the way to go over the free WordPress hosted site because of many reasons. Just to quickly name you two key ones:

  1. You get to have your own domain name and branding instead of being a subdomain of Branding is an important part of you and your business so doing it properly now goes a long way
  2. No restrictions on how you wish to monetize your website. This is crucial because as an affiliate marketer, you will definitely want to explore multiple ways of monetizing your website, not just from one single source of affiliate commission. Now that you own your very own website which is being hosted on your own space, you have nothing to worry about imposing any restrictions on what you can or cannot promote.

With that being said, let’s move on to the quick start guide I have prepared for you below! My domain and hosting provider of choice is BlueHost and from this guide below, you will easily see why. It’s by far the most WordPress friendly hosting service ever, and needless to say, their support is terrific as well!

Arriving at

Head over to, and you will arrive at their homepage which looks like the screenshot below. Do you notice something? You’re gonna be immediately greeted with a discount at the pricing stated on their jumbotron!

Click on the green button to Get Started!

Choose The Plan Most Suitable For You

In the next screen, you will actually see that Bluehost has a total of 4 packages for you to choose from. Very naturally, I would go for the Choice Plus package because I intend to create more than 1 WordPress website in the future, and domain privacy is being thrown in. Having multiple websites in mind also means that the unlimited SSD storage space is a real joy to have. You choose what is most suitable for you. If you only intend to work on one website, perhaps the Basic plan will be sufficient for now.

The 4 Plans Which You Can Choose From

Choosing and Linking Your Domain Name

And in no time, you are at the stage of “registering” the name of your online business! Yes, over at this page, you can choose to add your desired domain name. Or if you haven’t thought of something yet, you can always skip this step for later.

I personally would strongly suggest you use the same provider for both the domain and hosting because then, it would be a lot easier for their support to assist you with any issues you face in the future. If the domain and hosting are from different providers, it will involve a lot of communication and coordination for you and your multiple suppliers. Just go with BlueHost for both domain and hosting to keep matters simple. In case you missed it on the homepage, it’s free domain for a year (yay!)

Entering Your Info (As Always When Making A Online Order Haha)

Next step will be to provide your personal and billing details. Nothing special here since these information are almost always required when you make a purchase online! What I want to highlight will be further down this page.

Here is where you “surrender” your personal information (Kidding!)

Choosing Extras And What I Recommend You Should Have

You will be greeted with a list of Package Extras right at the bottom of the page. Don’t feel overwhelmed with the additional pricing because these are completely optional! However, I do strongly suggest you add on the Domain Privacy + Protection because this keeps your personal info safe from whois searches. Without this layer of protection, one can easily do a whois search on your domain and uncover your identity and address. Scary!

Choose Your Theme!

A theme is like clothing for your website. You gotta dress it up to make it look pretty yet functional. Choosing a theme that’s flexible in terms of modification, yet has solid functions is very important because you don’t want to be caught up in the technical stuff, figuring out how to do custom coding for all the cosmetic changes you wanna do on your site. And if you ever wish to make modifications in places other than the Customization and Additional CSS segment, you should consider a Child Theme. That’s a whole topic for another post!

Here is where you can choose your desired theme to start your blog with!

I have highlighted the Storefront theme in red in my screenshot above because that’s a really cool and simple theme to use if you are into creating an e-commerce site and integrating the WooCommerce plugin to manage your sales and inventory. Otherwise, another flexible theme I will recommend will be WP Astra which is not seen in the screenshot. No worries if you wish to try your hands on other themes because there’s plenty to choose from!

Almost Done Now!

Now that you have chosen your theme and setup your WordPress website, you will be greeted with the BlueHost dashboard and it is here which you can access the admin dashboard of your WordPress website.

If you have used the free site before, you will be greeted with the all-so-familiar admin dashboard as shown below. The column on the left in the red box is where you will navigate around to customize your site, including writing new pages and posts!

Familiar Admin Dashboard

Congratulations On The Site!

Well done! If you followed through, you will have your very first website up by now! There’s so much more to it when it comes to creating a good WordPress website. I learnt all these on my own and it definitely wasn’t an easy journey. I will aspire to cover the various aspects of handling and making a good WordPress site, including navigating the dashboard and all its features in future posts. I will also introduce more plugins in addition to those I have mentioned over here as well. Till then, keep hustling and working on your new website!

Just in case you got to this site and curious about starting an affiliate marketing side hustle from scratch, scroll up and click on Start Here or read more below!

Step 1: Identify a Niche

Step 2: Find a Product

Step 3: Domain Name & Web Hosting

Step 4: Birth of Your Blog

Step 5: Start Drawing Traffic

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