6 Weekly Goals: Best Way To Improve Yourself

Are you looking to always improve yourself, even in very small steps, each and every week? Here are 6 goals you can try and commit yourself to do every week so that you are always improving and becoming a better person.

Your 6 Weekly Goals
6 Weekly Goals To Improve Yourself

1. Work Out 3 Days A Week

Always find time to exercise. Being too busy is not an excuse to not commit to an exercise routine. Think about it. You have 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week. If you were to just exercise for an hour, 3 times a week, that’s only 3 out of that 168 hours. I am sure you have time!

2. Eat Healthy 6 Days A Week

Along with your exercise routine, you should also aspire to have a healthy diet. Try eating healthily for 6 days a week and go enjoy that cheat day once a week. Cut yourself some slack.

3. Read 1 Book Every Week

This one really adds up. Stop spending so much time on social media watching entertainment videos or watching too many movies and TV series. Instead, try and accomplish the goal of finish 1 book every week. That’s 52 books in a year!

4. Follow A Course Every Week

There are many online websites that you can sign up for and attend courses. Alternatively, you can also purchase audio or book courses to follow at your own free pace. This way, you can even learn something while stuck in the mundane daily commute.

5. Work On Your Dreams Everyday

What you do during your 9 to 5 working hours helps you at your career. But what you do during your 5 to 9 will help you on your dreams. Remember to set aside time after work to continue hustling on your dreams and passion and never let that enthusiasm die down. Soon, this side hustle might just turn into your new business and career!

6. Invest $50 Each Day

Understand and appreciate the power of compound interests and you will be amazed by how much these daily investment of $50 can make you when you are ready to retire 30 years later. Assuming your investments make a 5% interests annually, and you are starting from zero, you would have saved 1.2 million at the end of 30 years!

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