50 Side Hustle Ideas

If you are reading this page, chances are you are on the look out for some ways or ideas to create an extra side hustle income stream. Well, glad to inform you that in this day and age, and the technology easily available to us, no matter your skills or amount of time on hand, it is indeed very achievable to make a decent amount of cash.

Also, making money as a side hustle has also pretty much become a location-independent affair with the convenience provided by the internet. As long as you are willing to make use of the resources readily found on the world wide web and tap into the bountiful opportunities available online, you can definitely make something good out of everything and turn a good profit.

This article provides a list and simple description of 50 side hustle ideas that most people are able to take up, even if they already have a day job. Evaluate how much time on hand do you have for the side hustle, what your skillsets are, how much you wish to make on a regular basis, and start considering the ideas below! The world is now at your fingertips, remember that!

1. Take your items to sell on Ebay, Amazon, or Craigslist

Admit it, most of you have got stuff lying around the house which you do not use any more, or even better they are brand new in box and you bought them on a wimp yet found no use for them. Or is your hobby collecting precious collectors’ items from your childhood favourite cartoon or comic series and you no longer want them anymore? The possibilities are aplenty and these things that you no longer want around the house, chances are there are people who are willing to pay a price to have them! If you intend to work on this seriously, consider helping others you know sell their preloved products too, then you can collect a commission for each successful trade carried out. Now, you might need to invest in a good camera for quality pictures as well as start practicing good copywriting skills. Wherever you come from, there is bound to be an Ebay, Amazon, or Craigslist equivalent. Gumtree is one very popular website in South East Asia and Australasia region.

2. Drive for Uber, Lyft, Grab, or other Private Hire Vehicle providers

The sharing economy has led to the booming of tech companies providing ride-booking services, some of which you are likely already familiar with, such as Uber or Lyft. If you are in South East Asia, then the company Grab will be the one you are exposed to as well. If you are already driving to and fro your office, why not consider using your car to fetch passengers along the way and make some income as well? Or if you have plenty of time to spare, you could drive for long hours after you end work in the evening. This is also the timing where traffic is heavy and demand for rides are high.

3. List your property for rent on Airbnb

If you have traveled and attempted to book an accommodation that’s not the usual hotels or chains, you have most likely stayed in Airbnb apartments or rooms. Do you have a spare room at home which you do not mind renting out to travelers? Do you enjoy entertaining guests and showing them your city? You might be able to list your property or spare room on Airbnb for rent and make it a source of income for yourself! Search online and you will realise that are people who make a full time income just by renting out their spaces on Airbnb. One thing to note though, you got to be familiar with the regulations in your city as not every country/city’s law is in favor of short term rental in the form of Airbnb.

4. List your expertise and service on Fiverr

With the rise of micro jobs website such as Fiverr, we witnessed the growth of the gig economy. Gig economy consist of mostly freelancers offering their expertise and services at a low cost, mainly for small and quick projects that do not take more than a few days of their time. As such, services on Fiverr begin from as low as 5 USD, Browse on Fiverr to get an idea of what services are people providing there and you may well find your own niche as well. However, to success on such a platform, you have to be aware that you are competing with sellers from other parts of the world who are willing to charge very little, for a lot of service, and this makes competition very tough. I am a Level Two seller on Fiverr with more than 3000+ positive ratings. I have managed to make it a successful side hustle for myself and you can check my profile out here!

5. Give tuition online over video-calling platforms

With multiple video-calling platforms nowadays, giving tuition is no longer a job that requires you to be present physically. Using Skype or platforms such as VIPKid, you can provide tuition classes to students from anywhere in the world. If you are looking to start traveling as a digital nomad, this is also still very viable because you can be giving classes to students in European countries while in Asia or other parts of the world.

6. Sell your pre-loved gadgets on Gazelle

The phone you are currently using is definitely not the only phone you have at home. You must have changed smartphones before and just left the old one lying around at home. Gazelle is a platform that lets you sell your old smartphone for some cash. Granted this won’t make you rich or becomes a sustainable source of side income, but if you need some cash and you have old smartphones lying around which you do not use anymore, why not?

7. Help people out by answering their questions online

Everyone is definitely proficient in a niche area so much so that they are able to dish out quality advice or answer some doubts that others may have. You might have gain some knowledge in a specific area while at work or during studies, and these knowledge might be what others are lacking in. Now you can get paid to help these people by providing them tips, advice, or answers on websites such as JustAnswer.

8. Deliver food and groceries around your city

There are apps and websites online these days which you can sign up for to deliver food or groceries on-demand in your city. PostMates is one of such platform and if you are living in Asia or Australasia, UberEats and GrabFood are the equivalent in that part of the world. You don’t need a car for this side hustle because they even allow you to deliver orders on foot or bicycle! Definitely low barriers to entry right there.

9. Become a social media manager for SMB

SMB stands for small and medium businesses and these are the companies which are small and do not have the resources to hire expensive marketing agencies to help them with their online presence. However, they are also the ones who require social media marketing to help with their growth. If you are skilled with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or such, try reaching out to local businesses in your area and speak to them to see if you can be of their service. Take on a project or two and with words of mouth, your clientele might grow!

10. Take on micro jobs on Amazon’s platform

If you do not know yet, Amazon has a micro jobs platform called Mechanical Turk where you are able to take on small tasks and jobs that can be easily completed within minutes each. Find multiple micro tasks which you can do sequentially and that’s meaningful time spent for some cash. The difference between Mechanical Turk and freelancing sites such as Fiverr is that on Fiverr, you get to choose the kind of services you want to offer, but on Mechanical Turk, you pick the jobs you think you want to do.

11. Become a blogger by creating your own blog

If you have been in the search for a side income for a long time to come now, you would have also learnt that blogging is one of the more lucrative platform for earning good money. Owning a blog with high traffic is akin to owning a shopping mall with lots of visitors. You can rent that virtual real estate out in the form of selling advertising spaces or even endorsing products. However, to have a blog with high traffic is not an easy feat to achieve and it takes time and commitment. Begin by thinking along the lines of what niche are you really passionate about and will keep you motivated to keep producing content in that area. That you can create a self-hosted blog or register for an account at WordPress and begin writing. Once you have enough traffic, the monetization part will then come in.

12. Start an e-learning online course

Have you heard of Udemy or similar platforms? These sites allow you to upload your own courses and have people sign up for them to learn the skills you are teaching. You might need to put in a bit more work at the beginning to script and record yourself teaching in front of the camera before you can upload them to the sites. This can become a good source of passive income stream because all you need is to create these course materials once, and let students sign up for them repeatedly.

13. Look for a physical part-time job

If being location independent is not a criteria and you have lots of spare time to kill, consider searching your local job board or ask around to see if there are part-time jobs around which you can do. Flipping burgers or working at the supermarket after office hours are good considerations if you aren’t too bothered about not having social time and just very focused on earning that additional income.

14. Become a self-publishing author

Has it been your childhood dream to become an author and publish your books? Being an author, publishing and selling e-books is currently a very good way of earning passive income. This is made even easier with Amazon’s platforms such as Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace, which allows you to produce an e-book easily and cheaply. as well as paperback versions that earn you money only when there is sales.

15. How about creating audiobooks instead

Not a fan of reading but prefer to listen to audiobooks instead? You are not being left out as well because platforms such as Amazon’s Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) allows you to create and sell audiobooks on other platforms such as iTunes or Audible. Be it non-fiction or fiction, have a story to tell or skills to teach, five-figure income every money by selling the good volume of these audiobooks are not unheard of.

16. Become a mystery shopper

This is more common than you think and if the city you live in are filled with shopping malls, chances are they are research companies hiring mystery shoppers to conduct customer experience type of survey for the brands or malls. Search or ask around to see if you can get in touch with one of these companies hiring mystery shoppers. Many a time, mystery shoppers are given a certain budget to shop, but in return, they got survey forms and reports to fill up. You either get to keep the shopping loot as remuneration, or you get paid a fee. Shoppaholics will definitely not think of this as work!

17. Using a platform such as ClickFunnels to create a sales funnel

If you are like me and have been into internet marketing for a while now, you will definitely be familiar with sales funnels and the difficulty behind creating a successful one. With ClickFunnels, where plenty of uncertainty behind creating winning funnels are being addressed, founder Russell Brunson has surely simplified the entire process, making it simple for everyone to build effective funnels to automate and skyrocket their sales.

18. Help your friend or neighbors walk their pets

This is a no-brainer because almost anyone can walk pets. If you find yourself living among animal lovers with many households having pets, why not try creating a simple and nice flier, go around the neighborhood introducing yourself and your new dog walking service and see if they are willing to pay for it. Once you have negotiated and decided on a price point, gradually approach more people and build your client list.

19. Babysit for your friends or neighbors

This might require some skills and confidence as babysitting or becoming a nanny isn’t for everyone. Even on websites such as Care.com or SitterCity, you do get vetted and rated for your service. So only if you are confident in doing so, or you already have experience looking after babies, then you might want to consider being a part-time babysitter or nanny.

20. Become a chef and cook for people

If you have always been passionate about cooking and confident with your culinary skills, ask your friends or neighbors if they would like you to prepare their meals instead! You could offer to purchase the ingredients to be cooked at their homes or you could deliver ready-made food to them. There are also websites such as HireAChef on which you can offer your services. Do research on the requirements your city has for you to begin offering food & beverage services though.

21. Go on Etsy to sell your art and craft products

Etsy is a marketplace where people can go on to put up their handmade products for sale. Have a flair for making crafts or other home-made type of products, Etsy might just be the place you have been looking for to monetize your skills. Not only can you sell physical products, you can also sell digital artwork such as posters for buyers to purchase and print out.

22. Sell your logo designs online

You might have some training on Photoshop or Illustrator and you are creatively inclined, yet you are not big on making elaborate design pieces. Fret not because you can consider just providing logo design services! Every business, big or small, can surely benefit from having a nicely designed logo that reflects their brand image. Even freelancers deserve to have their own logo to so as to differentiate themselves in their field. 99Designs is one platform where you can offer logo design services. There are also other freelancing platforms to offer such a service, namely Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and more!

23. Technical services such as accounting and legal are also in demand

Well, what if you are not creatively or graphically inclined? Upwork, as a freelancing platform, also provides jobs for more technical functions such as accounting, legal advisory, or other professional services not related to arts and design. Perhaps you are already established in your field, Upwork is a good place to expand the reach of your services. Competition with other similar providers might be stiff so some marketing work is needed to get this side hustle off the ground.

24. Complete actual tasks for people around your area

Have you ever wonder if your neighbors are willing to pay you to help them run an errand or two? Or they might be struggling with slightly more challenging tasks such as shifting their furniture and wonder if you can earn some cash by helping them? Why not ask them straight! Otherwise, TaskRabbit is a platform for you to complete some tasks near where you live!

25. Join and contribute to a focus group

Research and marketing consultancies are always conducting focus groups for their clients. Do you have knowledge, customer experience or user experience with a certain brand and their products? Look out for the marketing companies’ call for participants in such focus groups, request to join them and get paid for a few hours of your time letting you share your views in an area you are interested in. Tertiary education institutions are also a good place to find these focus groups as lecturers and professors often conduct such researches with their students.

26. Before selling online was popular, there was the garage sale

If you aren’t comfortable with putting your products online to sell, and you actually also prefer to meet people face to face to share with them the things you are selling; as well as to find out more about why they are keen in your pre-loved stuff, consider throwing a garage sale.

27. Provide domestic cleaning services

Many modern day young families usually consists of both working adults and their children. This means that they hardly have time to clean up their house because they are often tired out by the time they come home from work. Weekends are usually spent relaxing and hence, these families might require housekeeping assistance. List your services on websites like HouseKeeper.com and many similar ones to promote yourself. Gaodim and Helpling are similar alternatives if you are in Asia.

28. Film tutorials and upload them on YouTube

Similar yet different to the idea of teaching on Udemy, you can also film tutorials and videos of yourself teaching your skills and upload them to YouTube. This way, you can own a channel and brand it according to your wish. You can even integrate this channel with other forms of digital platforms such as your website, Facebook page and Instagram account. Once you get enough viewers, you can either earn by upselling your courses and masterclasses, or simply earning money from Google ads.

29. Be a personal shopper

Do you love to head to town, visit the malls, and do some window shopping? Then actually you can consider taking on the role of being a personal shopper which you can shop for others based on what they want. Usually in a developed city consisting of a reasonable volume of wealthy people, personal shoppers are in demand. Browse online and check out websites such as ThumbTack to look for personal shopping services requests.

30. Know a foreign language? Teach!

Trust me, many people these days are only proficient in a single language. So if you find yourself being effectively bilingual and well-versed in a second language, you can monetize that by providing classes. Teaching a second language or even English as a second language in the country you are traveling through as a digital nomad is one very popular income source.

31. Become a physical trainer

Have you always loved working out in the gym, at a park, or have experience with certain workout programs or diet? You can actually consider becoming a personal trainer. If you know what works and what doesn’t, consider marketing your services to people around you and offer to coach, train and monitor their workout and diet regime so that they can also become healthier as a result of your skills and knowledge. Some areas might require you to have valid certifications before you are able to provide personal training services so do some homework on this.

32. Write articles on a freelance or regular basis

Have a passion for research and writing papers? Then you can consider providing writing services on websites such as Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer. You might not earn much for an article, but if you do find someone you enjoy working with, consider offering to write on a regular basis for them. Have more of such engagements and you will soon find yourself earning a decent monthly income.

33. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn passive income

Passion for creating articles, and have the digital know-how to start your own website or a blog? Monetize the content by become an affiliate marketer for brands and help sell their products for a commission. Look up websites and services which you frequently purchase, there is a good chance they already have an affiliate program you can sign up for. Otherwise, ClickBank or Commission Junction are good platforms to find products you can promote and sell as an affiliate marketer.

34. Email marketing is also a good way to promote products

Does your blog or website already have a good number of readers every month? Consider adding a opt-in or subscription form for your readers to submit their email addresses. You can even offer free articles or simple PDF e-books you wrote yourself to encourage them to sign up. Once you have collected a large number of addresses in your list, you can then monetize it by sending them offers of products you think they will be interested in thus earning affiliate commission in the process. Checkout Aweber, Mailchimp, LeadPages and similar services to start collecting email addresses.

35. Teach musical instruments

Do your family or friends hear you play the piano at home and praise you for the awesome music? Why not ask around and see if they know anyone interested in picking up a new skill in the form of playing a new instrument? You can have them come over to your place since you already have the piano or guitar at home. Advertise your services to your social network via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

36. Become a food truck vendor

This might be trickier as not every city has a vibrant food truck business community. Also, renting or purchasing a food truck can be costly to begin with. In addition to that, licensing requirements for a food business might be needed where you live. However, if you have the time to do all that research and keen in starting a food truck business, then go ahead with this idea! Location and what type of cuisine you are selling are also some important considerations so make sure you put in the home work before committing.

37. Provide pet grooming services

Used to own a pet or have experience grooming pets? Live in a neighborhood where many families have pets? You may consider providing mobile pet grooming services to them! You might need to rent or purchase a vehicle so that you can provide grooming services on the go. With such a small investment involved, this could eventually turn into a proper business you enjoy doing.

38. Provide car washing and detailing services

If you live in an area where car ownership is high, this is a really good opportunity for you to start a mobile car washing and detailing service. Print and distribute fliers around your neighborhood or even wait around carparks and approach car owners to offer your car washing services. If you find yourself taking on too many customers, rope in a friend or two to help you with it and this might turn into a lucrative business.

39. Proofread or write resumes for jobseekers

Maybe you work in human resources, or have experience proofreading or writing resumes from scratch, your expertise is in demand as well. Advertise your resume writing services to seniors in tertiary institutions, or on LinkedIn, offer to write for a discounted fee and gather good reviews, then watch new business come in via word of mouth.

40. Become an actor or actress

Not recommending you to become a Hollywood A-lister, but if you live in a city with a vibrant media industry, you can consider becoming an extra for films and advertisements. While the pay might not be good compared to being a full time celebrity, at least you have the opportunity to be star-struck while still earning some cash on the side. Well, who knows you might be spotted for your acting or singing talent and soon become an A-lister yourself.

41. Your hair can be sold for money

Ladies with long hair will surely have thought about it before. Will people want to buy all those long hair which have fallen off after a shower? Actually, yes they do! HairSellOn and the likes are some websites which you an advertise your hair for sale!

42. Start a fundraising campaign for yourself

This might come across as a lazy way to get money and might cause some people to frown upon, well, if you do have a compelling story on why people should fund you with money, then you can consider creating a fundraising campaign. Perhaps you would like to travel the world and in the midst of it, do something noble, have a great cause to promote or something meaningful like that, it is worth a try to create such a fundraising campaign for yourself. Just don’t be a bum or get free money out of this idea.

43. Be a tour guide in your own city

Do you find the city you live in constantly being filled with tourists and visitors to the extend that you get annoyed? Hey, look on the bright side! A booming tourist industry means that they is money to be earned. Consider becoming a tour guide in your own city. You are already familiar with the places so this shouldn’t be too difficult. Try doing this on a freelance basis with tour agencies, or offer your services for free and collect tips at the end of it all!

44. House sit for others

This is something new to myself actually. Who knows not only can you baby sit, you can house sit as well! HouseSitter.com and Care.com are some of such platforms offering house-sitting jobs. Perhaps there are similar sites where you live as well! Basically, as a house-sitter, you just have to watch homes for people who go on vacation or if they have a second property which they do not have time to look after.

45. Provide driving lessons

You might not call yourself a fantastic driver or with skills like a professional racer, but nothing’s stopping you from providing driving lessons to people in your neighborhood. Market your services on and offline or use job search platforms to look for driving instructor positions.

46. Virtual assistant or in short, VA

If you have read the book Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris, you will be familiar with the term virtual assistant or VA. These are people who provide administrative services which can be done remotely such as research work, answering emails on your behalf or just very simple data entry. Have decent computing skills? Consider offering freelance virtual assistant services. This is also a popular income source for digital nomads because of it’s location independent quality.

47. CafePress, TeeSpring are some places to monetize your designs

Do you like to create graphic designs and even start to think that they might look good on t-shirts or other memorabilia such as mugs and towels? You can go on CafePress to have your design printed on shirts, hats, mugs and towels etc. CafePress or TeeSpring will handle the ordering and logistics and you just have to do marketing and earn the commission.

48. Make applications for smartphones

Have a great app idea for smart devices such as android phone, tablets or even iOS based gadgets? Instead of spending too much money hiring a developer, why not pick up the skill yourself and try developing your own app? Alternatively, sell your idea to your peers who are good with programming and hope to get them onboard onto your founding team. With the right idea, you can earn by charging for in-app purchases or even charging for downloading the app itself.

49. Peer-to-peer lending service

If you have some extra cash and you are hoping to find somewhere which you can put these money into good use for a nice return, consider peer-to-peer lending. LendingClub is one such platform which allows you to invest in businesses hailing from various industries. As with all forms of investments, risks is definitely involved so do your due diligence please.

50. Reducing expenditure

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, really. But if you wish to have some extra cash at the end of every month in a effortless manner, then reduce your expenditure. Take some time every day to document your spendings and from there, decide what luxuries can you forgo, or if there are cheaper alternatives for those. You definitely do not need a 5 dollar Starbucks coffee when you can just drink the coffee from your work pantry or bring your own tumbler with a home-made caffeine beverage of your choice. Saving 4 dollars a day can easily mean 120 dollars a month and almost 1,500 dollars in a year! That’s just for replacing your morning Starbucks!

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