5 To 9 Nation Reviews: 12 Minute Affiliate System

What does the product claim to do?

The 12 Minute Affiliate, or 12MA, is a product that claims to be a plug-and-play system which can help even the most inexperienced of affiliate marketers earn commissions in as quickly as 12 minutes.

12 Minute Affiliate: A Plug-And-Play System, or is it really?

The copywriting on the 12 Minute Affiliate landing page claims that all you have to do are these 3 simple steps:

  1. Personalize the system so that you are the one the commission goes to
  2. Add Done-For-You traffic
  3. Collect your affiliate commissions

However, is it really that simple to start making good money with such a platform? Let’s dive deeper into it.

Who created the product?

12 Minute Affiliate is created by Devon Brown, and a quick search about him on the internet will usually reveal that he is the host of FunnelHacking Live (FHL) which is a talkshow by reputable tech company ClickFunnels. This means that Devon Brown is rather recognized in the internet marketing and funnel building community, and having attended these events, he would have made plenty of connections with authority figures in this area as well.

Devon Brown In A 12 MA Video

Not only that, Devon Brown himself claims to be a author, speaker, edu-tainer and dancer on his Twitter account.

It’s not difficult to find videos of him online and he speaks in 12 Minute Affiliate videos as well. So he is pretty much a real person, not just an online persona hired on gigs websites such as Fiverr.

How is the user experience

Unlike many reviews you read about 12 Minute Affiliate online, I personally did purchase and used 12 Minute Affiliate first before writing this article. Most authors who review the system probably have not used it before themselves. So here’s sharing my own user experience.

Quickstart Checklist After Logging In To 12 Minute Affiliate

Once you log in to the 12 Minute Affiliate members area, you will be shown the Quickstart checklist which you are encouraged to complete as soon as possible to score a free trip which is, as the terms claims, mostly only accessible to USA and Canada residents.

The first two steps are basically getting you to sign up for your free ClickBank account as well as an Aweber account using Devon’s recommendation link, i.e. he likely gets an affiliate commission from this.

You Will Be Signing Up For An Auto-Responder Account In Step 2

Here’s a screenshot of what the instructions in Step 2 are. As mentioned, this is the step you will be required to signup for an auto-responder account and the recommended provider is Aweber. Of course, you are not restricted to this and you can always choose other auto-responder providers. The catch is if you use Aweber, you can load the 12 Minute Affiliate campaign and swipe emails directly which is a very quick and fuss-free process.

You Can Tell This Is Likely Devon’s Affiliate Link To Aweber

Once you have your ClickBank and Aweber accounts setup and connected properly to the 12 Minute Affiliate system, here’s the next step and that is to have traffic going to your opt-in page. You can drive your own traffic, but you can also (and most newbies definitely will) buy solo ad traffic starting from 100 clicks on the 12 Minute Affiliate site itself. Here’s the pricing of the solo ad provided by 12 Minute Affiliate. And you will see, this is probably a large revenue source for Devon and his 12MA company. These are not cheap.

Starting From $99 USD For 90-100 Visitors

The traffic you purchased will be sent to a pre-made landing page of your choice, or you could customize one yourself on the 12 Minute Affiliate platform. The pre-made landing pages all looks pretty dated and I doubt the conversion rates are high. You could probably get nicer looking ones done by freelancers on Fiverr.

Once you purchased the traffic, the 12 Minute Affiliate team will signup to your opt-in page to test and make sure your links are all properly done up. This is a very welcomed plus point, because at least they are making sure you aren’t wasting your money or traffic.

When visitors signup on your opt-in page, they will become a lead in your Aweber account, and the 12 Minute Affiliate preloaded campaign will begin sending marketing emails to these recipients based on it’s predetermined time frame.

Visitors who eventually make a purchase of the products in these marketing emails (12 Minute Affiliate being one of it), will mean that you will earn a commission in your ClickBank account.

Effectiveness of the product

I personally found the product to be not very effective or neither does it accomplish what it claims to do. I purchased 90-100 visitors worth of traffic from 12 Minute Affiliate and at the end of it all, I have only gotten 17 opt-ins and zero sales.

This makes me question the need for buying into 12 Minute Affiliate actually. I can actually create my own opt-in page, get a auto-responder account signed up, and drive traffic to my own ClickBank hoplink that promotes the 12MA program for example. I didn’t need to spend money on the 12 Minute Affiliate program at all if you ask me. Essentially, all it does is to provide you with a detailed walkthrough on how to setup your ClickBank account, auto-responder with their affiliate link, and eventually make you pay them for traffic, to drive sales to their own products.

Yay or nay?

I would rate this product 5/10.

If you are willing to put in more work in learning the basics of affiliate marketing online, i.e. building your own opt-in pages, creating auto-responders, creating content that drives traffic, then I do not think this product will delight you.

Perhaps some people might appreciate the tutorials on other topics provided on the members page, i.e. personal development and email swipes/marketing type of content, as well as being able to take part in their private Facebook group where members share their experience and journey.

However, if you are really very inexperienced in affiliate marketing and would like the done-for-you type of system which all you have to do is to pay for traffic, the more value-for-money the type of traffic the better it is (consider solo ad platforms such as Udimi), then 12 Minute Affiliate might be attractive and suitable for you.

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